Roger and Irene

For the past three years, my wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Cantor and his team at Jendell Construction. They have helped redesign and renovate our kitchen, our living room, our family room and are now engaged in extensive work in our master bedroom and master bath.  In addition, they have done renovations to the outside of our house.

We built our home in Potomac, Maryland in 1981. Since then, we have worked with a number of construction companies in varying respects. None has come close to Jendell. It would be inaccurate simply to say they are a company engaged in construction and renovation. They are true craftsmen. The quality of their work is beyond compare. They have an extraordinary attention to detail, a terrific eye, and a desire to bring every job to conclusion with as much perfection as is possible.

Irene and I have worked mainly with Phil Cantor, who has served as the lead in connection with the construction on our house. He stays on top of every task, is an exceptionally good planner, and is easily and always accessible. It has been extremely reassuring to us that he returns phone calls immediately, appears on the job site promptly, and exercises total and complete supervisory control. Nothing is left to chance.

His team, most of whom have been with him for a long period of time, is equally reliable. On numerous occasions, we have simply left keys to our house with his staff. We are completely at ease with their access to the house, even in circumstances in which we have left the area. They are friendly, diligent, and extraordinarily competent. They are quite loyal to Phil and to Jendell, as they should be, because he treats his staff with great dignity and respect.

In all, it has been a pleasure and indeed a privilege to work with Phil and his team for these last several years. We are very much supportive of him and his company and are grateful to have had the opportunity to deal with them. Jendell is terrific and we are among their biggest fans.


Roger and Irene


Potomac, MD